About NextAlarm

NextAlarm was formed by a team of security alarm industry experts with over 50 years of collective experience. With scores of satisfied customers across the United States and Canada, trust NextAlarm with your home or small business alarm monitoring needs.

Overpaying for your alarm service?

The largest companies in the industry sell alarm systems by spreading their cost over the length of a monitoring contract, just like how cell phone companies will sell you a phone for next to nothing if you sign up with them for two years. Unlike cell phones, though, most people won’t need or want a new alarm system for ten years or more, but customers of these large companies will not see a rate decrease after their contract is up. In fact, many alarm companies raise their rates after a contract ends!

NextAlarm will work with the equipment you already have, or if you don’t have an alarm system, one of our dealers will sell you one outright. You can cancel service at any time with no penalty, and we don’t artificially increase our service rates to make you pay for a system you already own.

Keep loved ones and property safe.

NextAlarm offers several ways to protect your home or business. With our Self Monitoring plan, you will be notified by email, text message, and/or automated phone call whenever your alarm is armed or disarmed, or if there is an intrusion or other event.

For the ultimate in security monitoring, choose our Professional Dispatch plan. With Professional Dispatch, your alarm is monitored 24 hours a day at one of our UL-listed dispatch centers. Trained operators are on duty to verify alarms, notify you, and most importantly, send the police, fire department, or paramedics when they are needed.

Taking advantage of cutting edge technology.

Connect almost any alarm system to the Internet, and save money by dropping your land line. Control your alarm system with your smartphone (requires compatible system).

NextAlarm specializes in adding new features and functionality to the equipment you already have. With our alarm broadband adapter, you can free yourself of the need to maintain a traditional phone line just for your alarm system. Additionally, you get more notification options including email and text message.

NextAlarm is now offering a complete wireless alarm kit and more! Learn more about our Wireless Alarm Systems.

If you are in the Alarm Industry, the Voice-over-IP industry, or Broadband Internet in general, then you’ll find NextAlarm an excellent strategic partner to complement your services! Please email us at business@nextalarm.com for all Business Development opportunities.