General Questions about NextAlarm Monitoring Service
How can you offer alarm monitoring at such a low price? What is the difference between NextAlarm and other security companies?

By focusing just on alarm monitoring, and not on installation or repairs of equipment, and by streamlining and modernizing our application process by conducting it through the Internet, NextAlarm is able to offer one of the lowest rates in the industry. In addition, when other companies monitor a system, they charge a fee for the equipment as well, even if you already own the system. At NextAlarm, we charge a fair price for the monitoring, and that’s all we charge. Our central stations are UL-Listed, which means they conform to the same standards as other alarm monitoring services.

How do I know if my security system qualifies for conversion to NextAlarm?

There are a couple of items to confirm qualification:

  1. Confirm that the system is compatible. Contact ID capable alarm systems are compatible. Click here for a list of compatible systems. (scroll down under troubleshooting)
  2. Do you have high-speed internet? High speed internet service is required for the NextAlarm Broadband Adapter.
  3. Is the alarm system working properly? System must be working in order for NextAlarm to provide monitoring service.

If all of the above are confirmed, you qualify. Simply purchase your Broadband Adapter to get started from the following places: Home Technology Store or OneHour Security


How much does it cost to convert my security system to NextAlarm?

Once you purchase the Broadband Adapter from Home Technology Store or OneHour Security, there is no setup fee, and no cost for converting your existing security system to be monitored by NextAlarm.

My security system is locked out. Can NextAlarm still monitor it?

With our patented Broadband Adapter, we can monitor most security systems, even if locked out.

How long will it take to convert my system to NextAlarm?

Once you have the Broadband Adapter, installing it and testing the system will take no more than 30 minutes.