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Abbra Complete Wireless Alarm System

Download the Abbra complete installation manual
Download the Abbra complete user’s guide
Abbra complete - manual addendum

Thank you for purchasing the Abbra Complete! This alarm kit is based on leading alarm manufacturer Visonic’s latest system, the Powermax Complete. For most installation and usage instructions, please refer to the User Guide and Installer’s Guide included with your kit.

The Abbra Complete also includes several features that are exclusive to NextAlarm, above and beyond the technologies that Visonic has built. If you come across any features or options in the Abbra that are not mentioned in the manual, please refer to this Addendum.

Pre-Enrolled Sensors

The devices included in the Basic Kit (two door/window magnetic contacts, one 80lb pet-immune motion detector, one keyfob remote control, two RFID proximity tags) are pre-enrolled into the Abbra control panel. No additional programming is needed to use these sensors. Simply insert the batteries and place the sensors as needed. The magnetic contact sensors are enrolled as zones 1 and 2, and the motion detector is zone 3.

NOTE: Any devices purchased in addition to the Basic Kit, including additional sensors, keyfobs, wireless sirens, or any other Abbra accessories, are not pre-enrolled. These devices will not function until they are programmed (enrolled) into the Abbra control panel. For information on enrolling sensors and other devices, please consult the Installation Manual.

Programming from the Web

At this time, programming the Abbra Complete from the NextAlarm website is not supported. This feature is coming soon. In the meantime, if you require programming assistance, please contact us at 877-639-8911 x3, and we would be happy to walk you through the process.

Setting the Date and Time

The instruction manual is incorrect on the placement of these options. They are not located in User Settings, but are located in the Installer Mode instead. To set the date and time on your control panel, enter the system’s Installer Mode. Navigate to Define Panel, and then go to the very end of the menu, by pressing Next repeatedly, or by pressing Back to go directly to the end. Set Time & Format and Set Date & Format are the last two options in the menu. Please refer back to the User Manual how to use these functions.

Low Battery Warning

The Abbra Complete’s backup battery arrives disconnected from the main panel. After plugging in the battery, the system may still display a Low Battery message. If this message does not go away after several hours, please verify that the system has the correct setting in the Battery Type field. To check this, enter the system’s Installer Mode. Navigate to Define Panel, and then go to option 38, Battery Type, by pressing Next repeatedly. This option should be set to 7.2V. Please refer to the Installer’s Guide for specific information on using the Installer Mode.

Master Installer Code

The default master installer code for the Abbra is 2751, not 9999 as stated in the manual. This code is needed to access the system’s complete programming mode, including communications settings. However, the Abbra is already pre-programmed for monitoring at a UL-listed monitoring center. Please note that changing communications settings will prevent your system from reporting alarms to the monitoring center. It is strongly recommended that you instead use the “non-master” installer code, which is 8888. This code allows access to a limited programming mode, which will allow you to change all settings except those which interfere with your monitoring service.

Monitoring Account

Before mounting the control panel on the wall, please write down the serial number and Panel ID located on the back of the panel. These will be needed to set up your monitoring account.

FAST (Fully Automated Sensor Telemetry)

With FAST, NextAlarm’s proprietary sensor monitoring technology, you can check the status of your system and entry points at any time, whether your alarm is armed or not. A NextAlarm broadband adapter and monitoring account is required for use of FAST. If FAST is enabled without a NextAlarm broadband adapter, then the alarm system will be unable to communicate until FAST is disabled.

To set up FAST, enter the system’s Installer Mode, and navigate to Define Zones. Within the options for each zone is a FAST option, which should be set to Enabled for all of your eligible sensors. Note that FAST is only supported for magnetic contact sensors, as other types of sensors do not have an “open” or “close” state to monitor.

To enable FAST after choosing which sensors should use the feature, exit installer mode, then enter the User Settings mode. The first option listed, FAST Report, should be set to PSTN. Please note that GPRS support is included in the system, but is not yet available in the United States.

Monitoring over a HughesNet Satellite Internet Connection

The Abbra is the only alarm system on the market that can communicate using a satellite Internet connection. Please note that a NextAlarm broadband adapter is required for satellite communication, and that satellite communication should only be used with HughesNet, not other satellite Internet services. To enable this feature, first enable FAST as described above. Next, enter the system’s Installer Mode and navigate to Define Comm. Select C.S. Reporting, and then select SAT PROTOCOL, the final item in the menu. Set SAT PROTOCOL to Enable.

Please notify NextAlarm that your system will communicate via a HughesNet satellite Internet connection. NextAlarm will need to make a change to your account settings in order to allow your Abbra system to communicate using our patented satellite alarm protocol.

Desk Mounting

If you would prefer not to wall mount the Abbra control panel, simply use the four adhesive rubber feet that were included with the system. Stick a foot on each corner of the bottom of the panel, and place the panel on your desk, table, or wherever you would like.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact NextAlarm directly. We can be reached at 877-639-8911, or you can ask the store or service where you purchased the system to contact us for you.