Installation Guide

Before starting the installation, make sure your broadband Internet access device is powered on and connected to the internet. (Check your Internet service provider’s documentation). To view the installation video go click here.

1. Connect the ABN4A to a home router or network. Connect the supplied Ethernet cable into the WAN port on the ABN4A and connect the other end into an available LAN port on your router or home network. NOTE: For easier installation you can use an Ethernet-to-WiFi Bridge or an Ethernet-to-Powerline Network Adapter to avoid running a long Ethernet cable to your router. You can find these devices in your local retail electronics store or online.

2. If your alarm system siren sounds during this step, simply disarm the system as you normally do. Locate the alarm system’s telephone connection. This is usually an RJ31X (wide Ethernet style) or RJ11 (standard size) telephone jack, next to or inside the main control box. There will be a telephone cord connecting the alarm system to the jack. If your alarm system is wired directly to your telephone line and does not have a phone jack, then you will need to have one installed before you can use the ABN adapter. a. If your system is using an RJ11 cord, plug that into the ALARM port on the ABN4A. b. If your system uses an RJ31X cord, then use the supplied RJ31X to RJ11 adapter to connect it to the ALARM port on the ABN4A.

3. Use the supplied USB cable to connect to the PWR port on the ABN4A, and then attach the other end of the black USB cable to the AC/DC Adapter. Plug the AC/DC Adapter into an AC power outlet.

4. Confirm the power LED light (PWR) is green, wait for the WAN LED light to then turn solid green or yellow. Finally, you should see a solid green ALARM LED light displayed.

Nextalarm ABN4A Quick Install Guide