How to create a new alarm account

Create alarm account

      1. Access the activation site for your reseller. This activation site is usually available in your order confirmation or shipping email.
      2. Choose Service Plan
      3. Customer Basic Information
        1. Address must be the property address. This is the address where the authorities will be sent during a dispatch
        2. Premise Phone #1 is the number the Monitoring Station will use to verify the alarm
        3. Email address and password will be used to access the customer account at
      4. Alarm Information – Choose Abbra Complete R
      5. Alarm Zone Information
        1. Z01 – Main Entrance – Intrusion Perimeter
        2. Z02 – Back Door – Intrusion Perimeter
        3. Z03 – Living Room – Intrusion Interior
        4. Enter information for all other added zones. Descriptions provided here will drive notifications from the Monitoring Service
      6. Complete the form by providing the payment information. Click <SAVE>

Adding Broadband Adapter

      1. Additional optional hardware products are available. Check with your reseller for details.
      2. If monitoring over Broadband, a Broadband Adapter is required.
        1. After connecting to the phone jack on the Main Panel and connecting to the broadband router either through Ethernet or WiFi, the adapter needs to be added to the alarm account.
        2. After clicking <SAVE>, the next screen will have several options. Click <Register ABN>. Enter the MAC address from the back of the Broadband Adapter. Click <Register>.

Send test signals

      1. After registering the ABN, trigger some alarm signals. This can be accomplished by arming the system, pressing the panic button, sending FAST signals, etc.
      2. Confirm the test signals are visible on the Alarm Activity Log. This log can be accessed by visiting and providing the email and password to access the account.

Request account activation

      1. If test signals have been received, Click <Activate My Account>. Once you do this, the support representatives will review the account for proper setup. After review, the account will be activated and alarm service has begun.

Tips for Daily Use

    1. If the alarm is tripped as a False Alarm, disarming as quickly as possible may stop any potential police dispatch. If the Monitoring Center receives a disarm signal immediately after an alarm signal, they will not call or dispatch the authorities.
    2. b. If the alarm goes off for an unknown reason that could possibly be a burglary or other emergency, do not disarm the system until confirmation that the cause of the alarm is not a burglary or other emergency. If the Monitoring Center receives a disarm signal prior to calling to confirm the alarm, they may not call or dispatch the authorities.
Compatible Alarm Panels
  • Manufacturer: Abbra by
    • Compatible Models: Abbra Professional Series, Abbra Complete, Abbra Complete R
  • Manufacturer: Ademco (Honeywell)
    • Compatible Models: Vista series (except Vista XT), Lynx series, 4110DL, 4110XM, 4140XMP
    • Incompatible Models: 4110, 4120, 4120XM, 4130XM, 4140XM, Vista XT
  • Manufacturer: ADT
    • Compatible Models: Safewatch Pro Series
    • Incompatible Models: Safewatch Plus, Safewatch RF Series, Safewatch Entrepreneur, Safewatch Custom
  • Manufacturer: Brinks
    • Compatible Models: None
  • Manufacturer: DSC
    • Compatible models: PC580, PC1555, PC1555MX, PC1575, PC1616, PC1832, PC4010, PC5010, PC5020, ENVOY, PC9047, PC9057, PC1864
    • Incompatible Models: PC550, PC1500, PC1550, PC2500, PC2525, PC2350, PC2550, PC3000
  • Manufacturer: ELK
    • Compatible Models: M1 Gold
  • Manufacturer: FBI (Fire Burglary Instruments)
    • Compatible Models: XL2T, XL4, XL31
    • Incompatible Models: XL1, XL2, XL2S, XL21, XL4600, XL4800, XL4800EZ
  • Manufacturer: HAI (Home Automation, Inc.)
    • Compatible Models: Omni Pro II, Omni LT
    • Incompatible Models: Omni II
  • Manufacturer: GE (Caddx)
    • Compatible Models: Networx series (model number begins with NX), Ranger 9000, Ranger 9000e
    • Incompatible Models: Ranger models other than 9000 and 9000e
  • Manufacturer: GE (ITI)
    • Compatible Models: Simon 2, Simon 3, Simon XT, Simon XTi, Concord, Concord Express, Concord Ultra
    • Incompatible Models: Caretaker, Caretaker Plus, Commander 2000, Simon (without version number)
  • Manufacturer: LaserShield
    • Compatible Models: LaserShield Instant Security System
  • Manufacturer: Moose
    • Compatible Models: None
  • Manufacturer: NAPCO
    • Compatible Models: Gemini Series
    • Incompatible Models: Magnum Alert Series
  • Manufacturer: Radionics
    • Compatible Models: None
  • Manufacturer: Visonic
    • Compatible Models: PowerMax, PowerMax +